Sunday, December 2, 2012

Photos from Exeter Village Christmas Market

After two markets in the Exeter mist, yesterday the sun came out for our third and startled Anthony Batey. Luckily, he always wears a hat.
Sue Kingsford's roses were fabulous - we saw a lot going to good homes.

Murray Loane sold lots of  what he calls 'stuff' - lovely naive models of castles and other ---- stuff!

Apparently Carol Adamson's soft lawn nighties were a hit. Carol will be back next month.
Some of our garden stalls with horseshoe sculpture under one of the huge deodars on our market site.
Wendy Gorman bathing, briefly, in the unfamiliar sun.
Put us in your calendar for Saturday 5 January when Exeter Village Market will come to life again.

Until then -

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